Centre-NSCN (IM) talks: Nagaland CM pitch for early solution on the Naga issue

HY News 23 September, 2022 12:05 pm IST

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Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio on Thursday pitched for an early solution on the Naga issue, saying the matter had already stretched for several decades which, he said, was “more than enough time” for all sides to come to an understanding.

The Chief Minister asserted that the all-party government in the state will continue to extend support for a solution of the vexed Naga Political Issue and reiterated that the Naga political issue remained at the core of Naga society for several decades and continues even till today.

The Chief Minister said this while addressing the 12th session of 13th Nagaland Legislative Assembly (NLA) on the last day of the 2-day session.

“Nagas have been impacted for decades by the political conflict and the unresolved Naga political issue,” he said, adding that “the generation of our youth have faced untold hurdles in striving towards their aspirations or have failed to achieve their ambitions, due to the challenges of the political movement”, the CM said.

Noting that the Naga political imbroglio has been at the core of Naga society for several decades and remains central in our concerns even today, the Chief Minister said that the state government has given utmost importance to the Naga political issue and “we have made every possible effort to play the role of active facilitator in order to create a an atmosphere that is conducive to realisation of an early solution to the protracted Naga political issue”.

Further, he said the State government was not a direct party to the negotiations, but only playing the role of a facilitator. The CM also remarked that the political issue that has stretched for several decades involving the oldest insurgency in the Northeast, required a matured approach.

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