PM Modi rolls out 20 percent ethanol blended petrol in 11 cities, UTs

HY News 07 February, 2023 11:46 am IST

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has rolled out 20 per cent Ethanol blended Petrol at select petrol pumps in 11 states and Union Territories as part of a programme to increase use of biofuels on Monday.

PM Modi, after launching 20 per cent ethanol-blended petrol, stated that the use of ethanol has been increased in petrol from 1.5 per cent in 2014 to 10 per cent and it is now progressing to 20 per cent. At first, 15 cities in the country will be covered and in the coming two years, 20 per cent ethanol blended petrol pumps will be expanded throughout the country.

At present, 10 per cent ethanol is blended in petrol (10 per cent ethanol, 90 per cent petrol) and the government is looking to double this quantity by 2025.

The ethanol used for the composition of Flex Fuel is generally obtained from various plants, vegetables, and biological sources. For example, Jatropha oil is one of the most researched sources of biofuel in our country. Alongside, rice, corn, and other oils can also be used to obtain the ethanol of desired calorific value.

It is reported that ethanol-20 (petrol with 20 per cent ethanol) will be available at 84 petrol pumps in 11 states and Union Territories.

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