Toxic liquor claims 38 lives over two days in Gujarat

HY News 27 July, 2022 09:22 am IST

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The death toll due to the consumption of spurious liquor made from highly poisonous methyl alcohol in Gujarat has gone up to 38.

According to a police official, primary investigations revealed some small-time bootleggers of different villages in the Botad district had made spurious liquor or hooch by mixing water with methyl alcohol or methanol.

"So far, 33 persons - 24 in Botad district and 9 in its neighbouring Ahmedabad - have died after consuming spurious liquor," said the police official attached with the State Monitoring Cell in Gandhinagar.

The liquor tragedy came to light on early Monday morning when some people living in Rojid village in Botad and other surrounding villages were referred to government hospitals in the Barvala area and Botad towns after their health conditions started deteriorating.

Alcoholic drinks are banned in Gujarat — the home state of Prime Minister Narendra Modi — and only those with special “health permits” from the government can drink alcohol.

Anyone caught purchasing, consuming or serving alcohol without a permit can be jailed for five years.

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