COCOMI Announces Indefinite Social Boycott against Manipur's Government

HY News 06 August, 2023 04:05 pm IST

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COCOMI Announces Indefinite Social Boycott against Manipur's Government
COCOMI announced an indefinite social boycott against the government of Manipur on Sunday after the Government of Manipur hasn't put into action the demands of the people taken during the Mass Rally against Chin Kuki Narco Terrorists on 29th July.
As part of the public demands, COCOMI has sought the Government to call for a Special Assembly Session within five days. The ultimatum ended yesterday, the 5th of July. However, the government sidelined the demands and refused to act accordingly to the demands of the people. So, COCOMI has told people to Boycott the present State government until and unless their demands are fulfilled.
Speaking to the media at a press conference at Lamphel Sanakeithel, Jitendra Ningomba said that the organization strongly condemned the brutal killing of the three Meiteis at Panghantabi Lamkhai, Kwakta, Moirang, by alleged armed Kuki Militants at the early hours of 5th July. He asked how the Kuki militants were able to enter the Meitei Village guarded tightly by Assam Rifles and butchered and shot down the three.
COCOMI also condemned the dismantling of around a hundred Meitei houses at Torbung Bangla by more than 7 thousand Kukis, both men, and women, using five bulldozers. The unfortunate and inhuman activity took place in broad daylight in front of the central paramilitary forces. Not a single Central Force personnel ever tried to save the Meitei Houses from complete Arsoning.
Taking the irresponsibility of the central forces into consideration, Jitendra has asked the Central and State governments to look into the matter and take stringent action against the central security forces.
Jitendra also announced that the organization along with the people of Manipur will boycott the government of Manipur and give no support to any government.
Earlier, the COCOMI took five resolutions along with a large congregation of people on 29the July 2023, viz,

1. To end the present Conflict, foreign illegal (immigrants) Chin-Kuki narco Terrorists must be exterminated

2. No separate administration arrangement in Manipur. No creation of State within the State (Supra State)
3. Full implementation of NRC in the state immediately.
4. To convene a Special Assembly Session by August 5, 2023, and to take a resolution to save the integrity of Manipur and convey the same to Centre
5. A memorandum should be submitted to PM to appraise the first three resolutions.

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