19-year old Pradeep Mehra who run 10 km every night from workplace to home to join Army

HY News 22 March, 2022 01:33 pm IST

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Pradeep Mehra, a 19-year-old from Uttarakhand, is winning hearts over the internet after his video of running about a 10 km distance from his workplace to home went viral on social media. This video was posted on Twitter by filmmaker Vinod Kapri.

After getting viral on social media, he spoke to media outside the Mcdonald's outlet in Noida's Sector 16. Pradeep thanked the filmmaker for making his video and sharing it with people on social media.

"Someone made my video and it went viral. People gave so much love to the video. By this, I feel motivated and people also got motivated. I will say thank you from my heart," he said.

"My goal to join the army has become more resolute. Other people who want to join the army have also got the motivation because of this. Many people have offered to help me. I feel very good," he added.

Pradeep also sincerely appeals to the media person to not approach him as it affects his daily routine. He said " I have not achieved anything to be praised that high and my hard work should be done in silence, let me focus on my goal" 

On being asked about his family, Pradeep said his mother is being treated at a hospital for over a month. "My brother and I are only earning members in our family," he said.

Pradeep also said that he came to Noida around 2-3 months back and started to run 10 kilometers at night from workplace to home as he has no time for practice in the morning. 

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