Towards the alternatives ways of livelihood: Prabin Longjam

HY News 27 January, 2022 01:53 pm IST

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Towards the alternatives ways of livelihood when failed in government job: Prabin Longjam

Setting an example of earning against the traditional belief of Manipur that always seeks government jobs as the only source of a dignified life. Many Manipuri youths are now shifting their ways from such limiting beliefs. Pressing every youth and others to discontinue regarding government jobs as the only worthwhile job, Prabin Longjam exhorts every educated youth to not disparage their heart when not getting government jobs. Instead, they should do farming and many others alternatives of the sort with determination to live a flourishing life said Prabin.

Prabin Longjam (44 yrs) is the youngest son of (Late) Longjam Iboyaima and Longjam Ongbi Amusana Leima of Yairipok Kekru Mathak Leikai, Thoubal District. He is a class XII pass from CBSE and has been engaging with assorted forms of farming.

Speaking on how the idea pops up in his mind, he narrated that- Earlier he has attempted a government job with the same belief of secure life with government service only but he failed to get any. He had never lost his hope in all those phases and started thinking about other alternatives means of livelihood. He started working ceaselessly, on one way he reared pigs, and he picked up poultry farming on the other way. In between, he also engaged himself in providing coaching classes for children as a way of earning. However, his entire load of activities couldn’t improve the economic condition of his family. At this depressing hour, his friends, Roshan Moirangthem, Rohit Maibam, Zeeko Takhellambam, and Jeenat provided the necessary support and encouraged him to take up strawberry farming. This idea intrigued him, as the demand and the craze people have for the fruit and the supply scarcity in the state motivated him to take up farming.
Prabin continued that he is now growing strawberries for about an acre. He has spent nearly 4.7 lakhs with all he had and with some lend amount for the initial startup till the harvesting period. He said Everything that he has invested in his farm till today is from his own source and does not depend on any external factors, like NGOs or the Government.

Now, nearly 15 kgs to 20 kgs of ripe strawberries can be harvested on regular basis from his farm. A kg of strawberries will cost around 500 rupees while a small plastic container will cost Rs 100. He is speculating on a rise in production by February and March. Initially, the revenue collected from selling the fruit a day is Rs. 70k at the least. But the income is expected to rise in the two months. He believes to be 100 percent successful in the procurement of mass production soon.

Prabin says, we should never disparage ourselves to the fact that we are not government employed but we should endeavor hard in any field that we are interested in or fond of and make a way of living. He further extends his message to not indulge in any evil habit like drug addiction or others and waste time. If one is determined and takes up with full perseverance, one can succeed in any profession, be it cattle-rearing, piggery, poultry, or any sort of farming. One can earn a successful and fulfilling life generating a huge income both for the family and the state.

He also expresses his desire that the government and its concerned departments should guide and extend help to and support people who take up farming for better income and employment generation.

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