Sri Lanka’s tea production dips to lowest in 26 years

HY News 24 January, 2023 12:29 pm IST

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Sri Lanka’s tea production declined by 16 percent year on year in 2022 on the back of the fertiliser issue and disruptions faced in the middle part of the year. The output fell by 48 million kilograms to a 26-year low of 251.5 million kilograms.

Sri Lanka’s tea production as expected declined by 48 million kilos (16%) in 2022 on the back of the fertilizer issue and the disruptions faced in the middle part of the year.

The total national production for the year was 251.50 million kilos compared with 299.49 million kilos in 2021. This was the lowest in 26 years when 246 million kilos was produced in 1995.

High-grown elevation produced 56.3 million kilos, a drop of 9 million kilos on 2021 whilst Medium elevation production was 40.2 million kilos compared with 51.0 million kilos in the previous year, a deficit of 10.8 million kilos. Low grown elevation dominated by the smallholder sector recorded 155 million kilos, losing approximately 28 million kilos or 15% against 2021.

The production decline of the low elevation has contributed over 50% to the overall drop of national production for 2022. CTC production accounted for almost 9% of the total and Green tea less than a percent.

The high demand for Ceylon Tea at Auctions enabled the island nation to achieve export earnings of 1.258 billion dollars. Tea exports from Sri Lanka have been a major source of foreign exchange for the economy.

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