Dear Pabung, wishing you more power and courage to save Manipur

HY News 09 August, 2023 12:51 pm IST

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By Marjing Mayanglambam

Whether one likes it or not, we live in a place where democracy is the backbone of our society’s structure and function. We the people have the power to decide who will be our representative or head. We the people also have the power to change our representatives if they are not properly exercising the power given by us to them.

This article is a letter written honestly from my heart and soul to our People’s CM (Chief Minister) whom we youths lovingly and respectfully address as ‘Pabung’ (Meiteilon word for Father). I hope that my words will surely reach you and remind you that many of us still stand firmly and strongly believe in and support your works in bringing positive changes in our motherland Manipur. I pray that this letter will surely lift your spirits amidst the hatred and curses from some of your own blood and community members. Believing that changes will be brought to Manipur, we the people of Manipur have decided firmly to make you the symbol of our collective voices and our beloved leader. Our beliefs have not yet shattered, and we acknowledge that humans have certain limitations on what they can do or not in this modern world, and you being a human have your limits on how you can exercise your power for the better good of your motherland.

The governments ruled by various political parties had brought changes in their ways and pace and one should not compare which party is better than the other. During your present reign, Manipur has seen lots of changes and there is no need to write down a list of what the changes were since we can see the changes everywhere.

Getting a title such as the ‘People’s CM’ is not a very easy task, and you deserve it very well for you indeed do care about the people of Manipur. I can never imagine how hard it would be if I were ever in your position, and looking after the welfare of such a big and diverse group of people settling in this small land situated in a very critical geopolitical location. I wonder if those people ever think for a while by placing themselves in your position before harshly criticizing you. Will they be able to carry out what they are blindly demanding when they are made the CM? Or are they believing that they can be like Anil Kapoor in the film “Nayak: The Real Hero”?

In this very crucial time when the fate of our motherland is facing grave danger, we the indigenous people should never bring up our past personal problems and hatred towards our Pabung for this will further bring benefits for the success of the foreigner’s invasions and local infiltrators. Dear brothers and sisters of Manipur, please be aware that betraying your blood for the sake of your grudges and fulfilling your narcissistic justification of your so-called ‘truth’ will eventually lead to the doom of your motherland. Dear Manipuris, please never forget how Manipur lost its independence and came under the gruesome rule of the British Colonials.

I am so worried that one day we the native people will be overpowered and outnumbered by the huge hordes of illegal immigrants. This fear of mine is also felt the same by our Pabung and he has been doing his best to drive away those evil people who are illegally settling in our motherland by destroying our forests and these evil nomads, because of their drug business are also destroying the future of our youths. Pabung, in this wretched world, one small mistake during your rule will completely wipe off thousands of your past good deeds. But please be strong and save our motherland for I do strongly believe that you will surely make us proud and bring honour to all those brave souls who have given up their life for our motherland.

In you Pabung, I trust, for the betterment and survival of our Motherland Manipur.

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