Reflecting my Journey on Why Philosophy?

Once you know how to execute your knowledge in your real life that is how you begin to adapt to the real fun of gaining knowledge.

Cheena (Thoibi) Khundrakpam 18 March, 2022 12:38 pm IST

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Reflecting my Journey on Why Philosophy?

Before I highlight the journey of my academics I would proclivity quote a statement of a famous Greek Philosopher Socrates “ The unexamined life is not worth living “ .

I did my schooling till higher Secondary in my state Manipur Back then I was just a girl flowing along with a societal wave without even realizing my own right to analyze what’s right or wrong. After my Secondary education, I cruise to Delhi for my higher studies. The education environment in Delhi is immensely competitive and well exposer. The popular usual fear of clearing Delhi University Cut off has been an anxious strike within me like the other students. The confusion of which subject to refer for honors as well as easing the cut off of a particular subject. I have no idea about Philosophy as I haven’t studied in my school days, all I heard about Philosophy back then was just fault rumors counterfeit of the subject Philosophy. In my state Philosophy was not a popular subject like the other's subject furthermore parents were reluctant to engage their children to take a degree in Philosophy despite lack of job or might be the assumption of the children might have a different perception or oddly opinion, which is absolutely fine to have own strong opinion that I feel. Or might be lack of knowledge lead to exaggerated in misleading the subject. During the await of my graduation release of Delhi University cut off my sister firstly introduce me to take up Philosophy and mention the interest of the subject, I wasn’t sure as I have no idea about the particular subject so I started looking up through YouTube and Google and I was eventually drawn toward Philosophy I found it very fascinating and helping step of rebuilding oneself. Luckily I got into Delhi University Of Janki Devi Memorial College in the Department of Philosophy, I was startled by the new environment but fortunately, I was in the best department with the warmest atmosphere, the fun fact about studying Philosophy is that I got to learn not only from the teachers but from every individual of my batchmate. Students in Philosophy are young minds full of curiosity to learn new things in life and strong opinionated, figuring out the analysis level of the past, and the level of seeing a different perspective of different individuals. Going along with the subject of Philosophy I realized how much I had acquired knowledge and how it molded me to be a rational person in life, the improvement of critical thinking in any situation of life is undoubtedly helpful. The power of using one’s consciousness to understand another point of view and initiate the reasoning to establish constructive criticism. The most important point that still carried me is the concept of listening up to another person and forming a keen to observe learning and moderating to that particular situation and able to divide the moral or ethical senses. Philosophy is not just a subject but is the level of training one mindset to enlighten like the wise intelligent great Philosopher, For example, to be more clear all Scientists, Mathematicians, Sociologists, and other great thinkers do have a philosophy background. Mathematician Pythagoras was a philosopher, so in math, we calculate the theorem he has already established but in philosophy we discuss and analyze the idea he used while forming the theory. And we have Aristotle another great philosopher, Auguste Comte who was a father of Sociology was French Philosopher, he introduced sociology while writing a philosophy paper, and so on. Behind all successful great thinkers, there is a process of firstly establishing Philosophy, as we all know a great work needs a powerful mind. After completing my Graduation, I Headed to another phase of competition in which occupying the least seat for the master is also a stressful stage. In one of the universities, I was able to clear the entrance and interview for both the subject of Sociology and History this was the time when I realize another point I even told my sister that if I study sincerely I will be able to clear any subject but if I miss out the classroom environment of Philosophy I won’t be able to gain that unique perception of a different idea of students from a book, the environment of philosophy is always a huge pack of knowledge dealing from existence to various parts. I continue pursuing my master's in philosophy in clearing the merit list of Delhi University. And after the orientation, that's when I knew I made the right choice as the philosophy students were so full of curious and smart and that is when I smile to myself and murmured,’ well I am in the right class’ as at the end of the semester I shall have the tendency to learn so much from my batchmates and teachers. Once you know how to execute your knowledge in your real life that is how you begin to adapt to the real fun of gaining knowledge. As Philosophy students, we were also taught “ Be a Change". If you are good in any particular field you won’t end up wasted, it’s not about the quantity but it's all about quality just learn to figure out Wisely. The point I wanted to make clear is that philosophy is a wheel of life educating and mind building and if society is still dumped with an underrated statement of philosophy then it will take a long way to find your mental peace. Seek for Wise man to lead a happy life.
The undergraduate program in Philosophy trains students to think clearly and critically about the deepest and broadest questions concerning being, knowledge, and value, as well as their connections to the full range of human activities and interests. The Philosophy major presents students with the perspectives of past thinkers and introduces students to a variety of methods of reasoning and judgment formation. Courses in the major equip students with core skills involved in critical reading, analytical thinking, sound argumentation, and the clear, well-organized expression of ideas.

So, after my journey in the realm of Philosophy; I am able to dwell in the process of becoming the best version of myself.  

Lifetime Achievement Award - Aram Pamei

Lourembam Bedabati: "Women of Substance" in Folk Art/Culture Achiever Award

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