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CM N. Biren Conferring Shusma Swaraj Award to Singamayum Tajbanu

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Singamayum Tajbanu who represent the country in the recent 2nd World Jeet Kune-do Championship 2023 held at Provincial Sports Complex, Kandy of Sri Lanka from 10th to 12th March in the 19yrs +, -60 kg Senior Women's Category bag Gold Medal and brought laurels to the country and the state is an epitome of courageous Manipuri Lady.

Singamayum Tajbanu bags several medals in Karate and Jeet Kune Do disciplines and represents India and Manipur at both National and International levels. She also bags Gold Medal in the  1st World Jeet Kune-do Championship held in Bangkok. It is a matter of pride that she bags numerous gold medals in the Jeet Kune-do discipline at both the national and international levels. To date, she bags 4 Gold medals at the International level and 8 Gold medals at the national level, altogether 12 gold medals in Jeet Kune-do. In Karate she bags 1 International Silver and Bronze medal and 4 Gold, 7 Silver, and 2 Bronze medals altogether 15 medals at the national level.

She is also a Judge Qualified player at both the International and National level for Jeet Kune-do, despite participating in the recent Jeet Kune-do Championship held in Sri Lanka she also works as a judge in the Championship. She is Black Belt in both Jeet Kune-do and Karate and is holding a Grade "A" Certificate in NCC training. Educationally she is a Master's Degree pursuing student in Political Science at Dhanamanjuri University and is also holder of a Computer Diploma.

Singamayum Tajbanu is the second child of Md Manowar alias Manou and SM Bashira Bibi of Yairipok Singa Makha Leikai, she has an elder and 3 younger siblings. Her father Manowar was a CRPF personnel who sustained heavy injuries from a bomb blast during Kargil War, Manowar lost hearing ability in the right side ear after 1 year of treatment and voluntarily retired, her mother Bashira Bibi is a housewife.

In an interview with Journalist Sheikh Abas done at her residence at Yairipok Singa, she expressed that in the recently held 2nd Jeet Kune-do Championship, she entered the final, but while working as a judge in the championship both his limbs bloated and which cause huge apprehension and impact on his coming final match, she feared that whether she will lose the Gold medal from her grip and would disgrace herself and the country, but with endurance, courage, hard work, and persistence she clinched Gold medal in the championship by Grace of God. She narrated that from Class VIII to X standard she take NCC training and passed her matriculation in 2014, after Class X she was trained in Karate under Dr. Moirangthem Ibomcha of Yairipok Bishnunaha and begins her Jeet Kune-do career in 2014 and has been participating every Karate and Jeet Kune-do tournament. She said that her parents and Dr. M. Ibomcha are credible for his success in her career.

She said that she faced hardships in her career and personal life both mentally and financially, the pension of her father is maintaining the family and providing assistance in her training and tournament participation, she said that in participating International Championship and National Championship she has to arrange at least Rs. 1 lakhs and Rs 30,000/- respectively which is a huge expense for her family as no assistance is provided from the government and the concerned department. She has to earn money by weaving Rani Phi to bear her expenses and reduce the burden on her family and pursue her career, she also told that she was very apprehensive that whether she will Or will not be able to participate in the recent championship regarding her financial difficulties.

She said that she is hopeful to bring laurels to her country and the state in the future championship and tournament and also expressed her desire of bringing the youth in productive and constrictive ways from the clutch of substance abuse to shape a better society, she also expressed her misfortune that she will not be able to accomplish her vision of shaping a better society without the help and support from the government and people.

Md Manowar, father of Tajbanu expressed that his daughter is carrying on his dream of serving the nation which he had left incomplete due to his misfortune and he is providing all the possible assistance within his caliber to her daughter.

He join the CRPF in 1979 and even was part of Operation Blue Star. He was deputed at Jammu and Kashmir but unfortunately sustained heavy injuries in a bomb blast during Kargil War which left his right ear inaudible, and during Covid Pandemic he suffered a BP stroke paralyzing his left body part, but by the Grace of God, he is recovering the control and motor movement of the paralyzed left side of his body.

A very shocking truth and misery in his family is that out of his 5 children, one is not mentally sound, which causes him apprehension that whether he will be able to nurture and nourish all of them. He also draws the attention of CM. N. Biren and concerned department that he will be able to feel the touch of the government empowerment to the sportsperson if his daughter is offered a suitable job of her qualifications and will finally be able to get what he and his family owe to the country.

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