Local Clubs to Block the Road from Yairipok Azad Golai to Nongpok Keithelmanbi khul till Repaired

HY News 14 August, 2022 10:01 pm IST

Representatives of Local Club and Organizations During a Public Meeting

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Local clubs, organizations, and other associations along the road between Yairipok Azad Golai to Nongpok Keithelmanbi khul under Andro Assembly Constituency of the Imphal East jointly decided on Saturday, the 13th of August to block the road from the 17th of the same month till the road is repaired.
The locals complained that the road is terribly dilapidated and that even vehicles as big as TATA Dipper even got their wheels caught in the side pit of the road. The terrible condition has brought a lot of tragedies to the lives of the people.
In a public meeting presided by Heigrujam Nabakeshwor Meitei, President of Nongpok Ningthou Youths Association ( NNYA), the organizations and the people around agreed to block the road till the roads are repaired.

It can be noted that on 19th June, the local clubs and other associations demanded the government to take repairing works of the road before 30th June, failing which the local clubs would block the road indefinitely from 1st July 2022. However, on assurance of the local MLA that the road would be repaired very soon, the clubs and other associations withdrew their decision to block the road.
But no repairing works have been taken up in the region so far. At this sheer neglect and indifference of the government, the clubs and other organizations held public meetings again and decided to block the road indefinitely till it is repaired properly.

Representatives of the local club and organizations from Yairipok Azad Golai, from Laimanai to Thoubal Multipurpose Barrage, and from Nongpok participated in the meeting.

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