Amidst CM’s Claim to have Restored Peace to a Large Extent, Locals Find Kukis to Have Sneaked into Meitei Houses

HY News 24 October, 2023 06:46 pm IST

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Amidst CM’s claim to have restored peace to a large extent, Meitei residents of Torbung Sabal Leikai (Torbung Mamang Leikai) found Kukis to have sneaked into and settled at their remaining houses on Tuesday, the 24th October 2023.

Around 12 pm on Tuesday, Oinam Shyamsundar and Khundrakpam Suresh along with the son of Shyamsunder, locals of Torbung Sabal Leikai visited their house located some 30 metres away from the 133rd Batallion CRPF. However, when they reached, Suresh went to next door house belonging to one Sandham Sobha in search of some aromatic plants, he saw a Kuki man coming out of the house with a big sword.

Suresh shouted abruptly “A Kuki is here”, Shyamsunder responded and the two chased the Kuki but he escaped and lost in the Jungle.

The question here is not about the occupation of Kuki in our houses and areas, but the utterly irresponsive nature of CRPF personnel in 133rd Batallion CRPF whose sole duties are to give safeguard and protection to the general public. Nothing of such action is hardly seen there. Instead they would watch as the silent spectators when the Kukis/Kuki Militants gutted down Meitei house, vehicles, domesticated animals and other properties. Innumerous house, temples, and many other structures.

All these occurred right in front of the CRPF Personnel deployed there. Earlier they were deployed at Torbung Bazar. So, they are in close contact and conversant with Kuki militants, said the residents of Torbung Sabal Leikai.

Adding further, they said the Central Security Forces always refuse to help the Meiteis. Even when they request them to go along with them at Meitei houses some 10 metres away from the Batallion, they have always turned down their requests. The reason is best known to them. Only thing CRPF personnel do take care of is the building they are deployed at and nothing else.

Citing the in-co-operative nature to the Meitei People, the locals of Torbung Sabal Leikai demanded both the state and central authorities to look into the matter and give strict instructions to provide security to the Meitei people and save their properties from being destroyed by the Kukis.

The locals also complained the CPRF personnel to help them find their cattle stolen away by the Kukis, they failed to find. Instead the CRPF personnel would say “Don’t publish this in the news.”

MIYC Calls for the Urgent Need to Re-Occupy Meitei Areas from Kukis’s Occupation

MMWO Demands Clarification from the Union Government;

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