Government Denies Rumors of Additional Security Forces Deployment in Manipur

HY News 24 June, 2024 09:25 pm IST

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The Government of Manipur has officially denied circulating rumors regarding the deployment of additional Central Security forces to the state. In an order issued by the Home Department Secretariat, it was clarified that the rumors and speculations being spread on social media and online messaging platforms about military reinforcement are unfounded and should be disregarded as misinformation.

The statement further explained that the movement of security personnel observed was related to the return of forces previously deployed outside the state for the conduct of the 18th Lok Sabha Election. These personnel are merely returning to their original bases in Manipur.

The government has appealed to all civil society organizations, media outlets, and individuals to refrain from amplifying such false information. The dissemination of these baseless rumors can cause unnecessary panic and disrupt public order, the statement emphasized.

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