Joint Committee Heingang Warns Against Threats to Chief Minister's Life

HY News 27 June, 2024 08:30 pm IST

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The Joint Committee Heingang has issued a stern warning against any threats or attacks on the personal life of Chief Minister N. Biren Singh. They emphasized their disagreement towards slander or derogatory comments targeting the people of Heingang Assembly Constituency and personal attacks on the political representative of the Assembly Constituency for "not participating in protests related to the ongoing conflict in the state", whether these come from individuals, organizations, or political parties.

The Committee clarified that while criticism of political parties such as the BJP or Congress is acceptable, personal attacks against the state leader N. Biren Singh or any specific Assembly constituency will not be tolerated in the future.

The Committee announced their support for the rally organized by COCOMI, set to take place tomorrow from Thau Ground to Khuman Lampak Main Stadium. The rally aims to protest for the territorial integrity of Manipur.

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