MIYC Calls for the Urgent Need to Re-Occupy Meitei Areas from Kukis’s Occupation

HY News 22 October, 2023 06:39 pm IST

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Manipur International Youth Centre (MIYC) has called for the need to urgently re-occupy Meitei areas presently occupied by the Kukis and evacuating them at the earliest. The scene here at Kuki Occupied Meitei areas is like that of the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) in Jammu and Kashmir. Forget about the Meitei general public, even the civil administration officials have not been able to pay a visit there, added T. Parijat, Coordinator, MIYC in a press release.

The Kukis’ attack on the Meiteis began on 3rd May with heavy arms and ammunition, forced to flee the Meitei population in Kuki-dominated areas and later on occupied the plots of land, villages belonging to the Meitei Community to fulfill their intention to create a territory called “Zalen’gam”.    

So far, MIYC added, the Kukis have destroyed and demolished 1449 houses in 19 Meitei Villages in Churachandpur since the ongoing conflict broke out on 3rd May. They also razed 1030 Meitei houses in Kanglatombi, and more than 700 houses in Moreh and brought 393 Meitei Temples down to the ground. They even erased all sorts of evidence regarding the Meitei settlement, the houses, the temples, and other properties by bulldozing and other of the sorts.

Bulldozing of Meitei houses, properties, and others has also been taken up in different parts of Kakching, Bishnupur, and Imphal East and has continuously been demarcating a definite territory for Zalen’gam. And this very act of demarcation has been undergoing in the presence of the Indian Security forces for a long time in broad daylight.

As an initiative to bring peace and normalcy to Manipur, the government of India and Manipur are conducting combing operations in the Imphal Valley regions and have successfully seized several arms and ammunition. However, no such combing operation has been taken up in Kuki-dominated hill areas and the Kuki militants have been supported by armed militants from Bangladesh and Myanmar.

Despite breaking the SoO (Suspension of Operation) ground rules, neither the union nor the state has withdrawn SoO so far. Kuki lalhoubasing asiga tounariba SoO (Suspension of Operation) su handoktri. During the 2023 Independence Day celebration in Churachandpur by the SoO armed Kuki militants on 15 August, they displayed a series of sophisticated weapons, however to everyone’s shock, the government claimed them to be toy guns.

It is not wrong to say that the government of India has been defending and advocating the Kuki militants since April 27 when a gang of Kukis was arrested for burning an Open gym. However, they were released at once without any condition.

It seems more evident that the government of India doesn’t regard Manipur and her citizens to be the citizens of India. The government officials are more concerned about the Israel-Palestine war than the 6 months old ethnic war between the Kukis and the Meiteis. Nor PM Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, or others have not heard the cries of the citizens of war-torn Manipur. India is known to have been the birthplace of Lord Rama, Mahatma Gandhi, and Gautama Budha, however, the present leaders have no feelings. They are completely disheartened.

The British were even kinder and showed more empathy towards the Indians during the colonial period than the current Indian government towards Manipur and her people during this Wartime. MIYC took up the example of Irom Chanu Sharmila who went fasting for 16 years to repeal AFSPA. The Indian government overlooked her supreme sacrificing act and didn’t even bother to consider her cause against AFSPA, in 1958. However, in complete contrast to this, the then British approved Voting rights for the Indians, and abolition of untouchability, and considered the Quit India Movement as Mahatma Gandhi’s Hunger Strike movement against the British in 1932, 1933, and 1943 respectively.

Ram’s Birthplace and Ram Rajya are a joker’s cry here in India. There is full of violence, lamentations, and corruption in the country but no rule of law.

The CBI has arrested five accused in the murder of two Meietei students – Luwangbi Linthoingambi and Hemjit, yet their bodies can’t be recovered. The center gave words to destroy poppy plantations through the use of the Air Force. But this has so far been a false promise, no such action has been taken up.

The Government of India has failed to execute the rule of law here in Manipur. Those MLAs and Ministers of the Manipur Legislative Assembly who took an oath to uphold the integrity and unity of the state, are now involved in the conspiracy. They have been found to have been involved in trying to disintegrate Manipur. However, no legal action has been taken up against the particular MLAs and Ministers. Not a single word has been spoken against them either by the state of the Union Government.

However, on the contrary, had any civilian spoken anything against the government, he or she would be arrested, punished, and put to jail. But such acts of terror will last some sooner, now the civilians are so fed up with these wrongdoings and they are no longer afraid of imprisonment or the sort. In a press release, " no words of truth can be suppressed for so long, " said T. Parihjat Singh, Coordinator, of Manipur International Youth Centre (MIYC).

Meiteis tried many times through their various CSOs and other agents to solve the ongoing conflict between the Kukis and the Meiteis since the day the conflict broke out on May 3, however, the Kukis declined all our trials. However, on the contrary, the Kukis resolved not to talk with the Meitei Community nor with the Manipur Government after public meetings were held in Churachandpur on May 8 and Kanglatombi on May 23. They also resolved adamantly to fight for a Separate administration. And because of this, it takes too long a time to resolve the present conflict in the state, added Manipur International Youth Centre (MIYC)

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