Gauri Kaul Foundation Empowering Health Amidst Challenges In Relief Camps

HY News 18 November, 2023 05:53 pm IST

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Gauri Kaul Foundation Empowering Health Amidst Challenges In Relief Camps

In the wake of the recent ethnic clash, numerous relief camps have been established across Manipur to provide shelter and support to those affected. While these relief efforts have undoubtedly been crucial in addressing immediate needs, concerns have emerged regarding the health conditions within these camps. A fact-finding team of five doctors from the non-profit Indian Doctors for Peace and Development (IDPD), during their visits to relief camps, found patients with diabetes, high blood pressure, and chronic kidney diseases not being able to monitor their health condition. This was the major finding of the team of Prof. G.C. Sapna, an Assistant Professor at Manipur Technical University who surveyed 39 relief camps located in the Bishnupur district.

Gauri Kaul Foundation (GKF) recognizes the pivotal role that self-monitoring of blood pressure, diabetes, and related problems during these critical times. These measures can play a significant role in providing good health to the individuals seeking refuge in relief camps. GKF has decided to provide this help in Dist. Bishnupur, Manipur. The district has been identified by IDPD surveys. GKF has decided to support 30 camps, out of 39 camps as surveyed, located in this district by providing equipment for self-monitoring blood pressure, blood sugar, oxygen saturation, and inhalers for managing asthma. These measures will help keep dwellers with high BP, diabetes asthma, etc. in good health. The foundation will also follow up on these inmates for 6 months by conducting regular surveys and monitoring of these health problems. The foundation would also provide health consultations with the help of telemedicine services. GKF has the experience of conducting camps in Imphal and also in District Kakching during the COVID era.

The team is spearheaded by Dr Priyadarshini Arambam, director of GKF, in collaboration with Prof. G.C. Sapna and her team, N Koiremba Singh, Babita Moirangthem, and Bandana Arambam, under the leadership of Professor Upendra Kaul, Founder Director, GKF.

The distribution of health monitoring devices and self-monitoring awareness program have begun at the Moirang College Relief Camp. This is followed by the distribution of devices at Moirangkhunou Keirenphaibi Primary School Relief Camp, Khongnangmakhong Relief Camp, Kumbi Awang High School Relief Camp, Kumbi Leirak Achouba Community Hall, Laishang Leikai, and SC Girls Hostel Thanga Wangma High School. The distribution of devices and awareness of self-monitoring at the remaining relief camps will also be taken up very soon.


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