MMWO Demands Clarification from the Union Government;

Questions Why It Always Remains A Silent Spectator, Why Not Willing Take Action against the Kuki Militants….?

HY News 03 November, 2023 09:11 pm IST
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Manipur Muslim Welfare Organization, through a press release, has questioned Government of India on why it has always remained a silent spectator when Manipur is burning with External Aggression.

It is very unfortunate, said Boboi Korimayum – President (MMWO), that the Union Government never lends a hand to Manipur and fight the aggression as one despite the acknowledgement that there is involvement of armed militants from Myanmar. Asking why the Union government is not trying to resolve the issue and bring peace and normalcy in the state, the President demands PM Modi to give a valid reason to the people of Manipur.

GOI has deployed 50 thousand plus central paramilitary forces to the state, yet not personnel have so far been seen working in co-ordination with the state forces to curb the menace of the Narco-terrorists. It can be mentioned that the Central forces have been showing discrimination and partialities towards Meiteis. Not even in a single incident has been reported where the central forces equally treat the two warring communities. They have always been taking sides of the Kukis. If these partialities prevail further, there would be another Seven-years -devastation in the state, and only legislatures and bureaucrats would survive in the state, added the President in the Press Release.

The President furthered that Government of India can’t act so ignorant of the present conflict between the Kukis and the Meiteis in Manipur. Had the government installed a stretch of fencing wall along the Indo-Myanmar border, the present war and turmoil could have been prevented.

Every political party, including BJP and Congress, must stop playing blame games, playing with the sentiments of the people to gain political mileage, but they must work on to erase fear, hatred, animosity and others from the hearts of the people of the two communities. And instant imposition and relaxation of curfew every now and then is not a sign of good governance, not it is a way to bring back peace and normalcy in the state, added the President.

Speaking further on the ILP system, the President said it took years to get approval, and under any condition we don’t want the ILP system in the state to remain like a toothless tiger. We also need honesty and sincerity from every department, besides a good planning to bring order and peace in the state. We must also stand united until a comprehensive solution is worked out, added the President.

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