COCOMI holds GoI Responsible for Prolonged Violence in Manipur; Calls For Accountability and Action

In a press statement released by COCOMI, it stated that, the recent violence appears to be an orchestrated and provocative action by immigrant Kuki  groups, aiming to further their demands for separate administration through terror tactics.

HY News 08 June, 2024 10:12 pm IST

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In the wake of yet another brutal cycle of violence in Jiribam, one of the last peaceful areas of Manipur where Thadou, Hmar, Paite, Kabui, Zeliangrong, Meetei Pangal, and Meetei communities have coexisted, COCOMI holds the Government of India responsible for the prolonged deprivation and suffering of the indigenous people of Manipur.

In a press statement released by COCOMI, it stated that, the recent violence appears to be an orchestrated and provocative action by immigrant Kuki  groups, aiming to further their demands for separate administration through terror tactics. Despite  the Kuki Inpi Jiribam's attempts to defend their position, evidence points to the involvement of  Kuki Narco-Terrorist groups in the abduction and murder of a Meetei victim alleged COCOMI. The press statement further that this heinous act,  perpetrated in broad daylight by individuals led by Mr. Gousang from Phaitol Village, who arrived  in a Bolero vehicle bearing registration number AS 27 A 2905, is clearly intended to disrupt the  longstanding peace among local communities.

COCOMI questions why the Indian government has allowed such a dire conflict to persist unchecked for so long. The failure of Assam Rifles to pursue the actual perpetrators, opting instead to fire live rounds at an angry mob, is deeply troubling. It raises serious concerns about the  government's commitment to protecting the lives and properties of its citizens. Furthermore, the  preferential treatment of immigrant communities over indigenous populations is unacceptable. The deployment of Indian security personnel, who seem more focused on Indo-Myanmar border  areas rather than maintaining order within Manipur, highlights a gross misallocation of resources said COCOMI. 

It further alleged that this neglect has allowed armed groups to perpetuate violence unchecked. The proxy war tactics employed by the Indian government, purportedly to gain leverage in the Indo-China geopolitical  arena, come at the expense of Manipur's indigenous people, revealing a disturbing pattern of state- sponsored violence and political manipulation.

The press statement also highlighted the recent arrest of Kuki Narco-Terrorist group members from Imphal Airport involved in  transnational conspiracies, as reported by the National Investigation Agency (NIA), underscores  the complex and troubling nature of the conflict. The government's inconsistent narrative,  particularly the shift in stance by Home Minister Amit Shah from blaming illegal migrants to  downplaying the violence as mere communal disharmony, fails to address the root causes of the  conflict.

COCOMI finds it ironic and disturbing that the Indian government, through entities like the  Assam Rifles and the Maharashtra Regiment, is reportedly supporting Kuki militants in a proxy war against Manipur insurgents. This duality is further highlighted by the recent capture of Thongmingthang Haokip @ Roger (KNF-MC) from Imphal Airport, who was involved in  orchestrating violence with Kuki insurgent groups from Myanmar, such as KNF-B, and even met
with PDF for arms and explosives.

Amit Shah's recent shift in narrative just before the Lok Sabha Poll Day is also noteworthy said COCOMI.  Initially accusing illegal migrants from Myanmar of waging a war against India, he has now downplayed the issue to one of mere communal disharmony between Meiteis and Kukis. This change in stance is perplexing and seems to ignore the underlying factors contributing to the year- long violence in the region. The government's plan to mediate a meeting between the Meiteis and  Kukis, while seemingly conciliatory, overlooks the broader issues of state-sponsored violence and political maneuvering.

COCOMI calls on the Government of India to take immediate and sincere actions to resolve the  crisis. It is imperative to fix responsibility for the losses and damages incurred over the past year.  The government must be held accountable for its role in perpetuating violence and must cease using local conflicts for geopolitical gains. COCOMI extend their deepest condolences to the families of the victims.

The sacrifices made by those  who lost their lives will not be forgotten. It is time for a unified voice to demand justice and accountability from the Government of India. The indigenous people of Manipur must no longer be pawns in a larger geopolitical strategy concluded COCOMI.

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